When you get to the end of your day and reflect on your accomplishments…what do you say?  I put in 12 hours at work?  I slept half the day?  I cleaned my whole house?  The kids used me up!?  I spent too much money…etc?  When we think of priorities it is essential that you put yourself first, not your environment.  Number one priority must be YOU!  Life is an internal project so you need to give yourself enough energy to accomplish it.  The next priority would be your spouse/mate if you have one, then your family relationships…after that then you can take on the world!Things you can do for yourself:
  • give yourself enough time to wake up
  • eat something healthy that your body finds amazing
  • quote of the day
  • read/listen to a book
  • use quality hygeine/beauty products
  • massage
  • walk
  • work out
  • wear your favorite outfit
  • listen to music
  • plan something to look forward to
  • set intention
  • plus much, much more!


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